Twitter, New “Collections” And Consumers

Everyone involved with Social Media knows that nice imagery with your posts drives engagement.

Twitter, in seeking ways to monetize is launching “Collections”, which is, “a Pinterest-style sharing board curated by brands or celebrities, which also features a buy button.”

The question for me is why would a consumer use twitter’s Pinterest lookalike when Twitter doesn’t allow their normal consumer to have their own “collection” of curated material like Pinterest does now.

Twitter needs to innovate, and not simply become another Pinterest.

One way to do so is to allow modular timelines, which makes people’s lists into a sort of collection, perhaps combine tweetdeck functionality into the standard timeline.

In this way you could have your main feed, and selected “collection” of your curated content easily available for viewing.

The virtual mall idea doesn’t work so great when regular consumers want the same tools and access that celebrities and brands get.

Make the tools widely available, and let your consumers, all of them, innovate and help drive your progress.

If they are having fun sharing their own content, and consuming others, the necessary advertising growth should follow as people who are selling good products prosper.

In other words, be a virtual mall where everyone can have their own kiosk, at least, with the brands and big players able to purchase additional add on tools to enhance their performance and Twitter’s revenue.


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