Governor Martin O’Malley, Democratic Presidential Contender and National Embarassment.

Governor Martin O’Malley walked back a comment made in public that “All lives matter.”

This is astonishing.

That Governor Martin O’Malley doesn’t realize that police should not be killing ANYONE extrajudicially is entirely problematic and emblematic of our political class that does not lead from a position of courage and belief as President Kennedy did, but a political class that simply exists to perpetuate it’s own power by otaining office by any means necessary.

He’s a complete embarassment, and I hope people realize that whether black or white, no one should be choked out, shot, or killed when not presenting a grave and imminent threat of death to a police officer who only then should be entitled to using deadly force in self defense.

He’s purely a hack.  Thank goodness he has no chance to win.

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