How Not to #SocialMedia as a Brand

Obviously Dana White of UFC doesn’t care much for his fans or social media networking and effective influencer networking and marketing.

Dana, the owner of UFC signed a deal with Reebok that many fighters in his company and fans aren’t fond of.

Many have tweeted to Dana about their displeasure.

Rather than take a calm measured approach, Dana chose to troll his own fans.

I cannot stress enough that trolling fans is not the way to go for a brand that’s looking to reach the widest possible audience.

The audience most businesses want to reach isn’t total potential audience minus people they have trolled online.

Dana is now coming off as massively arrogant.  This is to bad as he’s seemed like a cood person before.


1 thought on “How Not to #SocialMedia as a Brand

  1. I am always dismayed when the particular platforms, in this case, Twitter, are not used respectfully and responsibility. It is very unfortunate when someone such as Dana White uses the platform to troll their own fans.This is, sadly, a crystal clear model of how NOT to use social media responsibly.

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