Donald Trump Led Conservative Base of Republican Party is Xenophobic, Extremist

I have long hesitated to consider the Conservative base of the Republican party as extremist.

The party, with their xenophobic conservative base, bears no resemblance to the Republican party of Hope as exemplified by Ronald Reagan.

Donald Trump is now leading in polls by race baiting and pandering to the anti-immigration element the modern base of the Republican party.

Yet “leading” is a misnomer as no Republican polls well overall.  Donald has about 20% of the Republican party supporting him, with an equal percentage of the party unwilling to vote for him at all.

As an ’80’s kid, Ronald Reagan remains my favorite President.

As former governor of California, he exemplified the best of California.

The hope, positive approach to life, and the beacon of The Shining City on The Hill that Ronald Reagan knew drew all immigrants with the will to get here, to the United States.

Ronald Reagan called on Mr. Gorbachev to tear down the walls, Donald Trump would have us build them to dim the light of Liberty.


As a proud Californian, I know that second generation immigrants perform as well as native born Americans. I know that the VAST majority of immigrants are good people, who dream the American dream and succeed.



These are people like Winery owner Amelia Ceja and my Hispanic relatives in Tulare.


My great-grandfather came to California in the Dust Bowl from Missouri.

He was met by some people like Donald Trump, the people that wouldn’t let you settle down, that made you move on.

However he found a home in Tulare, CA. And settled. And walked 5 miles every day to the Tagus Ranch on the north side of town to do farmwork.

He worked hard, bought a home, and raised a family. Many of my family still live in Tulare County and are growers.

Many are college graduates, proud Fresno State University grads.

I cannot stand that the Republican party has abandoned California in Presidential politics, and in this abandonment they get what they deserve as they won’t win the largest, most powerful state in the Union until they take our state seriously in electoral politics.

They seem to think they can abandon substantial chunks of the United States, and delve deeper into their race pandering populism, their intrinsically racist “Southern strategy” and elect Presidents.

I don’t think so, not unless they reverse course, and return to the hope of Reagan.

However the damage is done, and continues to be done by people like Donald Trump on a daily basis on a very large stage.

Many people simply do not forget, and will not forgive.

“Tulare dust, and a farm boys nose.”

This descendant of farmers smells shit, and Donald Trump is rolling in it.

Trump tops the “no way” list as 21 percent of Republican voters say they would definitely not support him.

The Republicans simply don’t do well enough in electoral politics to have 21% of their voters not willing to support their own candidate if he’s the nominee.

And Bernie Sanders beats all of the Republicand dwarves head to head in polling.

Democrats love the headlines Trump makes, and are praying he’s the Republican nominee.

The country IS NOT moving left, it’s the Republican conservative base driving so far right they have fallen off the page.

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