Why does Yelp protect business interests from legitimate consumer concerns and reviews?

Yelp has been busy deleting Consumers reviews of Walter Palmer’s business.

I think most consumers would like to know if they are visiting a dentist (or any business) who has pled to a felony, considering that intrinsic to the person and businesses ethical and moral foundation.

Why does Yelp suppress legitimate reviews when character is extremely important?

They say they only allow “personal consumer experiences” yet this simply suppresses legitimate reviews that consumers consider in deciding which business to give their hard earned dollars to.

The net effect is to protect entrenched business interests at the expense of consumers.


I urge you to let Yelp know that hunting endangered species in the manner Walter Palmer did is unacceptable.

While I am not against hunting if you eat the meat, killing Cecil in the manner indicated is repugnant.

And consumers have the right to know that such acts are undertaken by a person that they are hiring.

In the meantime, Zimbabwe has requested extradition and the US Fish and Wildlife service has started an investigation into the killing of Cecil the Lion.




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