Twitter’s Continuing Double Standard Allows Abuse by Empowered Accounts

During the past year Twitter came under tremendous scrutiny for allowing abuse on their social media network.

Indeed, when a company I was a customer of, Empire Avenue, and their leadership threatened me, it took the combined efforts of myself, the San Francisco DA’s office and the California Department of Justice to get Twitter to straighten up and fly right and stop the abuse.

Amazingly Twitter was suspending me for blogging the truth about Empire Avenue and their leaders Gareth Davies, Keith Gill, Chris Sandys and Team Leader Nance Larsons attacks on myself and other customers of Empire Avenue’s openly, on Twittter.

Only after the great civil servants interceded did Twitter stop most of the open abuse.

Of course shortly thereafter then CEO Dick Costolo went on a media “apology” tour, and General Council Vijaya Gadde wrote a Washington Post Op-Ed entitled,

Here’s how we’re trying to stop abuse while preserving free speech.

Unfortunately, I still see a tremendous double standard in how Twitter applies their policy.

The other day I was set upon by a fringe conservative radio host, @thejimmyzshow who, failing to prevail in debate, launched vicious ad hominem attacks and ran off.

Checking his timeline, I see this is his standard mode of operation.  Attack, hurl invective, intimidate, threaten and call names.

Sadly this is a standard tactic, often of both sides of the political aisle.

However it’s not free speech.  It’s abuse.

And Twitter has rules against such abuse and lying in tweets, defining such tweets as spam.

Capture Capture2

@thejimmyzshow is little more than spam.  Simply review his twitter timeline to see the cascase of lies, and abuse.

Yet twitter doesn’t act.  Why not?

I have inquired of Twitter.

Why aren’t rules of civility enforced for some?

Here some child radio host interrupts an adult discussion that has been quite civil.


I’m not even a liberal.  LoL.

Why are some people empowered to be abusive?


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