@WorldofWarships Open Beta. Recommendation? Don’t Play

Honestly the game itself is fun if you’re into non historical ship battles.

The game is in open beta, is free to play at baseline with paid in game currency purchasable to gain certain new ships and make progression through the tiers easier if you convert “free” experience with paid for currency.

That’s right.  You can look at your pretty “free” experience on the screen but you can’t USE it until you buy their in game currency.  That’s not my definition of free.

I’m just over one week into the game, and have been seriously trolled by a fanboy with the grand total of 2 weeks experience for daring to post about my experiences in game so far.

Unfortunately abuse on the internet is rampant and that includes the World of Warships forums.

As a result I can’t recommend playing for free to help World of Warships get their game into final playable condition until they stop abusive players from abusing other new players who are simply offering honest feedback about their experiences in good faith.

The game itself is simple and intuitive.  Typical WASD controls, and it’s easy to learn the gunnery to hit small moving targets moving at oblique angles.

Unfortunately the forum denizens ruin it for anyone who wants to have fun and provide honest feedback.

Thumbs down for now.

It’s hard to imagine I get better customer service from Twitter, but I do.  That’s how bad it is.




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