@WorldofWarships Open Beta! Update! Building A Community A Priority

Last year when I was blogging about Empire Avenue and their attacks on customers, their support team lied to me and members of their leadership Gareth Davies (@me_gareth), Chris Sandys (@usafa_93), Keith Gill (@digitalkeith) and Team Leader Nance Larson (@nancelarson) not only attacked me in the forums, but spread their putrid behavior to Twitter to further attack myself and other customers.

Their attacks in public on Twitter necessitated a CA DOJ investigation of Twitter’s handling and the San Francisco DA’s office intervened twice to mediate with Twitter on my behalf.

Of course Empire Avenue has no commitment to their own Terms of Service or customer safety as their support team lied to me openly even as their leadership was suspended on Twitter for violent threats, doxing me, and non violent threats.

Keith Gill was moderated by Instagram for using violent imagery to cyber bully.

Strangely enough Empire Avenue had to learn the very hard way that attacking customers is not a way to build a successful community or business and suffered a massive loss of traffic according to Alexa rankings.



This contrasts sharply with Community Manager for World of Warships who responded in a timely manner after the weekend moderation team was somewhat slow in moderating the horrendous troll in their forums.

The troll has been banned from posting, which again directly contrasts with how Empire Avenue acted, when they let their leadership openly attack other customers both inside the Empire Avenue forums and online on Twitter, G+ and Facebook.

In fact many people have reported that Gareth Davies can hack facebook messanger to act in an intimidating manner.  I have seen that happen myself as well.

Except for this adventure with the troll, World of Warships continues to be a fun game, and I will soon be unlocking tier 5 ships across the 4 classes.

My tier 5 Destroyer is tons of fun, and pursuing battleships in the shallows between islands a fun challenge.

My thanks to the Devs and Community Manager for the quick response and proving that community, safety and customer feedback is important during their open beta.


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