Time For The Winds of Change! Free @snowden

In my lifetime we have gone from calling on the Soviet Union to tear down walls to wanting to build them.

In a little longer than my lifetime we have gone from having a President that abhorred secrecy to a government and President that seeks to prosecute its own citizens for revealing that the government that exists to protect us is spying on us in unconstitutional manner.

In seeking to protect ourselves, we have become what we abhorred.

Even as that same government openly flaunts that cybersecurity and national security flaws by maintaining private servers and the current Secretary of State testifies before Congress that he fully expects that foreign governments are reading his correspondence.

The threat from outside the country is very real.  And we know this, but when we turn inward to expel outward threats, we become what we claim to despise.

It’s time for the Winds of Change.

It’s time to be an America without fear, that most of us grew up being taught and believing we are.

There is no reason to fear Edward Snowden.  He has warned us about our out of control government.

There is reason to fear a government that would seek to punish Snowden for that revelation in secret courts with secret proceedings where Snowden cannot raise a proper defense of public interest.

This is abusive govermnent 101.  And we have a government that is a tyranny due to failure to give a fair and open trial.

Tell Congress to change the law, and tell @Potus to pardon Edward Snowden and end this unjust persecution.



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