Why People Do Not Trust Internet #Marketing

Unfortunately Keith Gill (AKA DigitalKeith), a leader at EmpirekKred, is a prime example of worst case practices and reason why many people do not trust internet marketing.

From running demonstrably false advertising through EmpireKred “missions” to failing to disclose his position of leadership in EmpireKred as he tweets ads for the “New Kred” (which EmpireKred is part of), using auto responders (which he calls his “tool”) which Twitter defines as “abuse” on their best practices page, DigitalKeith, proclaimed a “social sales” rock star continues to be a disaster of marketing.


He also likes to give himself Kred…

Keith Gill also has a history of attacking his own customers, having been moderated by @instagram for cyberbullying.

If you wonder why people don’t want to deal with marketers online (or frequently anywhere else), look no further than DigitalKeith.


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