How Abusive IS #EmpireKred #Leadership “Goon Squad” Is To Their Own Customers?

It goes without saying that EmpireKred (Formerly Empire Avenue) has earned their reputation for amazingly bad customer service.

Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) Team Leader Nance Larson and Leader’s Keith Gill, Gareth Davies and Chris Sandys are amazingly abusive to their own customers as Empire Avenue support allows it, and in fact openly lies about the authority wielded.

Empire Avenue’s leaders abuse of their customers on Twitter triggered a CA DoJ investigation into Twitter.  And the San Francisco DA’s office interceded twice.

Empire Avenue support openly lies to customers, and refuses to help when their “Goon Squad” is attacking their own customers across social media platforms.

According to Chris Voss of The Chris Voss Show, a nationally recognized social media expert,

” Over 5 posts on my blogs I documented issues with Empire Avenue, from their rogue volunteers, running a “wall of shame” on Brands, attacking Brands reputations online, not answering complaints, having a “goon squad” of endorsed volunteers attacking customers who complained, refusing to discipline internally thereby encouraging more attacks on Brands, etc. What I witnessed was the worst travesty in the annals of customer service I have ever seen. After a month of private discussions with EA to change things, I went public. Only then did they begin to change, but the attacks on me and others grew by their “goon squad.” In the end, I went to EA’s Angel Investor and EA had to shut down its Chat Room and Chat Mod “goons squad.”


And I have definitely met that “Goon Squad.”

I only know Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith, through his being a leader at Empire Avenue where I was a customer.

I believe I came to know of him after running his missions for social media promotion on Empire Avenue.

In his missions he was promoting an article, co authored by himself and Jamie Shanks, and offering to return Klout to anyone that klouted him.

I ran his mission a few times, but never read the  underlying article.  I gave him a few klout, and noticed he never returned klout back.

Finally I wondered what was up, and went to his profile and left a comment.  I also found him arguing with someone else on his profile.

I commented directly, and wondered why Klout hadn’t been returned as promised.

He then returned 4 or so klout to me that night, and klouted the other 2 highest klouters who had klouted him recently.

I believe the 3 of us he klouted were about 78 then, much higher than his score.  And his klouting only the 3 of us was an obvious attempt to raise his own score through interactions with us higher score indivuals.

Of course I wondered why he hadn’t returned klout to the other people that had run his mission (I could tell who had run the mission), and other people also confirmed he hadn’t returned klout as promised.

DigitalKeith deleted my comment on his profile.  So I blocked him across all my social media channels.

He then apparently found my email on the blog, and emailed.

I explained back that I really had no interest in associating with him any longer (I recognized a cyber bullying abusive personality) and asked him not to email again, and went to bed.

He emailed again while I was asleep.

Now this seems a salesman that doesn’t take “No” for an answer.

So I read his underlying article on Sales4Life and noted that he had totally incorrect information on the article as to Klout’s scoring algorithm.



Tip number 1 was false (since edited).

And what wasn’t totally wrong, was still potentially damaging, as he was teaching others to spam celebrities to raise your klout score.

(Tip 1 was edited subsequent to my original blog series)



One quick way to get suspended on Twitter is to send unwanted mentions, being defined as “spam“, to celebrities and others.



When I further read his timeline, I saw exactly how he was going about this “method” he was promoting.

He was spamming celebrities, and if they asked him not to tweet them, he’d passively aggressively attack them.




Comteptible Keith



This is bottom of the barrel social media and social sales practices, in addition to actually being false information that was being run through Empire Avenue social media promotion “missions” system.

Even after I reported the content to Empire Avenue Admin Robby Ball the demonstrably false content still was promoted in Empire Avenue missions.



According to Empire Avenue (now Empire Kred) Admin Robby Ball, there are “inpowered” individuals at Empire Avenue abusing their positions.

Capture23 Capture22


Amazingly enough, Empire Avenue, which was in financial duress, chose to allow him to run his content, even after Klout confirmed that his content was incorrect.


Leaders of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) even disputed Klout’s confirmation that Keith Gill’s content was false.


After further research into Empire Avenue’s history, I found other attacks on customers by Gareth Davies stretching back years.



Other customers told me they had reduced their use of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) or stopped playing entirely due to threats and/or attacks by Gareth Davies upon them.

When I reported the cyberbullying of myself to Empire Avenue support, they lied directly to me, and refused to check Gareth’s timeline where the threats, bullying and intimidation were (many still are) visible.

Support also denied that Chris Sandys was a leader at Empire Avenue.

Capture Support Response 6132014

What’s a “Leader” at Empire Avenue?

Someone that paid (or was gifted by others, such as Nance Larson) for control of Empire Avenue’s marketing and other departments.



And it became clear why I had been attacked by Chris Sandys and Gareth Davies, Leaders in Empire Avenue (now Empire Kred) on Twitter (and elswhere.).

Chris Sandys, a leader at Empire Avenue, wanted this history of attacks on their own customers “off the record.”

Chris Sandys (@usafa_93) even made false allegations to try to keep that record of abuse of customers “off the record.”


Gareth Davies has been suspended by Twitter for tweeting private information and violent threats.  He was warned for violent threats as well.

Chris Sandys was warned for non violent threats.

Keith Gill has been moderated by Instagram for cyberbullying.

Keith Gill HarassmentBullying Instagram Gareth Davies Violent Threats Warning Gareth Davies Violent Threats Suspension Gareth Davies Private Information Suspension Chris Sandys Non Violent Threats Warning


Chris Sandys, Nance Larson and Gareth Davies had attacked me viciously on Twitter from about 5/30/2014 for a few weeks.

Gareth also cannot be blocked, which renders a key @twitter @safety feature null.


The attacks resumed further after I refused to stop blogging, and noted Keith Gill’s false advertising as well.

Basically EmpireKred (formerly Empire Avenue) has spent years attacking their own customers.

Those attacks include tweeting a customers private information, violent threats and non violent threats.

They also include actually tweeting an intent to bully their own customer (myself) lying about other customers to try to attack me, and many other vicious attacks.


So how abusive is Keith Gill himself?

Well, basically he abused Twitter’s own system, using an auto responder “tool”.  Twitter defines that very act as abuse.


And he lies about me, a customer of Empire Avenue’s, while he’s a leader of that company.



Stop abusing your authority and customers and you will cease to be mentioned…  Help stop abuse of customers at EmpireKred and you will get a virtual hug. (LoL.)


I agree.  Which is why I continue to blog about Empire Avenue’s (now EmpireKred) attacks on their own customers.


Not every company tweets their intent to bully their own customer.

Keith Gill has a strange relationship with the truth, he was named in legal papers as “support group” as Nancy Abt (@fancienanc) sought to silence my blogging about Empire Avenue (now Empire Kred.)

Ms. Abt sought revenge after I removed her from my content for trolling another person on Facebook.

She remains, next to Keith Gill now, as one of the worst liars (and most abusive people) I have encountered in my life.

She was recently removed from a social media marketing group for attacking other people.

She seems to make this a habit.


Nancy Abt Declaration Page 15 Nancy Abt Declaration Page 16

Nancy Abt Declaration Page 21






It’s not a fight.  It’s blogging.   About an abusive company and their abusive leadership, of which Keith Gill is one.



There’s no libel, and no drama creation.  False advertising is illegal in most jurisdictions I know of.

I still have no idea why Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) would have chosen to allow Keith Gill to run demonstrably false promotional material through their missions system.

Clearly allowing false advertising (and attacks on your own customers) is detrimental to a business.


That’s been Keith Gill’s problem.  He listens to liars and believes them, and fails to listen to honest truth.  I can’t help it that he chose to run false advertising after being told that the content was false.

Nor can I account for his failure to review Gareth Davies abuse of customers.

Nor Keith Gill’s own willingness to engage in abuse of those same customers.


Does Gareth live with his mom?


Nope.  Gareth’s record of abuse is extensive, well documented, and much is still visible.

He has threatened customers moms, attacked children, defaced facebook pages.  The list goes on and yet Empire Avenue does nothing.

Customers have told me they have reduced their time on Empire Avenue (or stopped playing completely) due to attacks by Gareth Davies upon them.


I can’t account for his failure to check the rest of the tweets.


Yes, it actually has to do with Keith Gill.  He’s a leader at Empire Avenue as is Gareth Davies.

And participated in the abuse of customers.


Not many companies that I am aware of cyberbully their own customers.  Empire Avenue, (now EmpireKred) does.


I wasn’t hiding from a company I’m a customer of.




No, that’s not it.

Anyone could be abusing their customers, I guess.

I’m just blogging about Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred, launched by Kred) and their abuse of customers, including myself.

And that abuse continues despite new ownership according to a customer.

Gareth Davies, Chris Sandys, Nance Larson and Keith Gill remain leaders at EmpireKred.



Abuse by the leaders of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) on Twitter led to a CA DOJ inquiry of Twitter, and the San Francisco DA’s office intervened twice.


And lastly.  I’m not anonymous.  Standing up to an abusive corporation isnt cowardly.  And Keith Gill was moderated by instagram for cyberbullying.

Oops not lastly.  People threaten me and Keith is silent on those threats to myself.  He certainly knows how to ask people NOT to tweet him.

Why is DigitalKeith ok with threats to EmpireKred customers?




If you want to be a customer of a company with an extensive record of attacking their own customers, give EmpireKred your business.

Current customers have reported seeing cyberbullying and that the abuse still continues.


capture (1)


If not, they are best avoided.

EmpireKred Goon Squad

Nance Larson Empire Avenue Gareth Davies Leadership At Empire Avenue Keith Gill Leadership Badge Chris Sandys Leadership

12302914 letter DOJ redacted


Obviously at long as Twitter @support, @policy and @safety allow companies that do business with Twitter, and rely on Twitter’s marketplace for their own commerce to attack their own customers (and Twitter’s) openly, Twitter cannot be said to take abuse  and their customers safety, seriously.



Nope, I called a cyberbully a bully.  Why Empire Avenue allows Gareth Davies to attack their own customers, I have no idea.


Image removed due to my DMCA takedown request.




And their leaders (and Team Leaders) lie about their own authority.





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