Opinionated Man Needs Your Support

Everyone’s favorite WordPress Blogger, Opinionated Man, needs your support.

That’s right!  Help SAVE OPINIONATED MAN!

That’s right, Opinionated Man needs your prayers, support and even donations.

I sure hope Jason doesn’t start getting large donations then chargeback requests.  Those can cause huge, huge charges.


Friends, let us pray.

Lord, please help Jason stop beating his wife in his sleep and cure his night terrors.

Please have Jason see his doctor regularly and stop self medicating with alcohol.  This causes a vicious cycle and can be quite damaging to the safety and well being of his wife and kids.

Please have Jason have strong family support as he has a profound sense of being the “other” and his adoptive mother seems to have abandoned him to his fate.

Please help Jason keep a full refrigerator, as hungry children have difficulty learning.

Please help Jason stop posting pictures of his crotch online.

Please help Jason stop spamming so he stops getting identified as a spammer by WordPress security algorithm.

Please remind Jason not to bully people online anymore, and help him stop having those feelings he needs to kill people who express a different opinion about matters.

Please remind Jason that law enforecement monitors this type of stuff online these days and may come to his door (again?) if he keeps up his bullying ways.

Most people just aren’t as forgiving as other people, and may be growing tired of his attempts at bullying.

Please help Jason concentrate on Jason, so he can stop getting kicked in his virtual nuts.

Thank you, brothers.


Let’s all Fuck Opinionated Man’s Rules with him!

(Firmly satirical and with tongue in cheek.)


Carry On, Jason!  Carry On!



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