Canada Post Disabled Accessability Fail @canadapostcorp

My friend Michael (@resilientmichae) has interest in disability accessability.

His little share on Facebook illustrates the issues disabled and elderly have with accessability.

A picture is worth 1000 words, but I will explain it in depth.



1,  I have no idea how far this gentleman has to walk to this centralized mailbox.
2.  No handrails.
3.  Ramp not paved.  It’s assuredly slippery in winter or wet conditions.
4.  Ramp appears to steep for elderly disabled to comfortably and safely ascend and descend.
5.  No lighting.

It’s just a quick look at the risks entailed in using this postal access.


One thought on “Canada Post Disabled Accessability Fail @canadapostcorp

  1. Thank you for illuminating something so common to the disabled community.Educating, informing, legislating and enforcing practical and reasonable guidelines is paramount to effecting change. YOU are that change, Poet. Cheers!


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