Peeple App? It’s Disappeared From The Web

Personal reputations are a touchy thing.

As opposed to professional reputations, where things such as does the person tell the truth in their marketing campaigns, are they reputatable and deliver on time?  Do they spam online?

How do they treat their customers?

The new Peeple app in beta asks people to rate people, personally.

And what does some dude you’ve never met in person know about another person, personally?

Not much.  How accurate would that information be?

Not very.

I can see the Peeple app being abused horrendously by people like the dried up housebound Hollywood agent I used to know online who likes to troll and attack people personally online.

You see, I only know her online, and from limited interactions in which she emerged as the worst liar I have ever known.  And an incredibly abusive person.

And I can say that, as a personal matter.  As to her online behavior.

Should I rate her on peeple?  Probably not.  I don’t know her, in person.

But I’m happy to talk about my experiences online with a company that does business online and attacks their own customers online.

You see, that’s their professional reputation that’s on the line.

And people should know what those sales professionals, marketing types, and leaders of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKRed) get up to.

And I’m happy to talk about that at length, pretty much forever.

Let the market decide if they want to be customers of a company that can and will attack you viciously online.

People should know that EmpireKred has a “goon squad” and that Keith Gill, Chris Sandys and Gareth Davies attack their own customer.

People should know that Nance Larson, Team Leader, participates in the doxing of her customers, and overlooks attacks on customers.

People should know that Gareth Davies can break a key twitter safety feature and is unblockable, even as EmpireKred Brand Manager Steven L. Johnson is mentioned in that tweet and ignores Gareth’s years of attacks on customers.

That information should be readily available to consumers, and now it is.

Peeple can and probably would be abused horribly by the trolls, such as the Hollywood agent.

We shall see, if it indeed ever goes live.

For now, it’s disappeared from the web.




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