#Leadership at #EmpireKred, #SocialSales “Rock Star” and King of Spam?

Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith is a leader at EmpireKred, a gamified social media game that measures your social media presence.

Keith Gill, according to the definition of “spam” as defined by another EmpireKred leader, Gareth Davies (@me_gareth) is a spammer.

Why is that?  Because if you email Gareth once,  he will deface your facebook page and tweet about you being a spammer.

If you tweet Gareth he will tweet you back and accuse you of being a spammer.


So one tweet or email has you labeled a spammer.  Especially I suppose if it’s an unwanted mention.

And of course unwanted mentions is considered as spam in the Twitter rules.

Keith Gill has a history of sending out unwanted mentions.






Keith did apologize to Tait for that exchange, but he has continued on with his strange approach to tweeting celebrities on Twitter.

You see, Keith recommends mentioning celebrities as a way to raise your Klout score.


And apparently those “mentions” don’t have to be particularly pleasant, or wanted.

Keith has a history of tweeting “tape monster” pictures to celebrities.



He explains this as follows:

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo had a concern about “core users” being driven off of Twitter.



Was this behavior that would concern him?

Are verified accounts “core users”?





(His automated tool seems to have tweeted this…)


Keith’s timeline is jammed with automated mentions.

Yes, indeed.  Automating replies is considered abuse.






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