How Big A Liar is This #Celebrity, Anyway? #socialmedia

Glad you asked.

Nancy Abt, aka @Fancienanc is the worst liar I have ever known.

Why she even tweeted tons of tweets to people I know, like @mqtodd and @terrinakamura that she had a restraining order.  This is a total and abject lie.

Who in their right mind claims a courts authority when they don’t have it?

Maybe Nancy Abt should appear on Celebrity Lie Detector?


This is astonishingly abusive behavior from a celebrity.

Nancy Abt Celebrity




Twitter has rules about lying in tweets, but nothing really seems to matter if you’re a celebrity.

So for fun, let’s count her lies.

I’m using Backtweets to search her tweets to or clearly about me.

For backgrounds sake, Nancy Abt, @fancienanc is a former hollywood agent who was in hiding from her workers’ compensation carrier, fearing their sub rosa investigators.


Nancy Abt Hides From Private Investigators

Nancy was in my social media content until I removed her for trolling another person on Facebook.





Nancy Abt seems to buy Twitter followers, and cultivates her Twitter following for the celebrity factor as she was paid to advertise.

Nancy Abt Fake Followers


Nancy Abt has trended on Perez Hilton.

How many times can one abusive person lie on Twitter?



Lies.  Nancy Abt gave me her headshots on Facebook to use in my content.

Needless to say I wasn’t stalking her also.  This is a figment of her imagination.





I feel it’s an accurate portrayal of her true inner self.


Lie.  I was blogging about Empire Avenue and their leadership.


Nope.  The content I create isn’t me.  Nancy seems to confuse the internet with reality.

And she didn’t have a restraining order.














images (1)


I asked Nancy Abt not to troll.  She removed herself by trolling a man and his kids.

If she’s doing #ads for your brand, watch out!

Nancy Abt tried to silence my blogging about Empire Avenue, a gaming company with a record of attacking their own customers.


Nancy Abt Declaration Page 17


Support Group

Nancy Abt 2

Nancy Abt Declaration Page 21


That effort was denied.

Abuse by Empire Avenue of their customers led to a CA DoJ inquiry into Twitter and the SF DA’s office twice opened files.

12302914 letter DOJ redacted


Capture3 Capture


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