Obsessive Cyberbully Pursues Man Over A Year Over $1.00.

This is social director Krew welcoming you on board the EmpireKred Love Boat!

EmpireKred is a social media game that measures your social media presence.

Gareth Davies (@me_gareth) has an extensive record of attacking customers of Empire Avenue.

Those attacks continued after he purchased or was gifted the Leaders package which placed him (and others) in control of the marketing and other departments of Empire Avenue.

And it looks calm on the surface!

But underneath swirls intrigue, bullying, libel, slander, malice and hate.

It’s basically like any high school with menstruating women in charge.  Gareth apparently is always on the rag!

Welcome aboard for your tour!

Today we will discuss what one man will do over $1.00 that’s not even his!

Gareth has accomplished quite a lot as a cyberbully, though he rather vociferously objects to having that pointed out.

To the point of cyberbullying the person that told him he would be reporting him for cyberbullying.

How effective was Gareth at cyberbullying?  Swell from my end.

He was suspended by Twitter for tweeting my private information, for violent threats, and warned again for non violent threats.

He also had an image taken down by Twitter for violating my copyright!

Jolly good show, Gareth!

Way to prove the point that you are indeed, a vicious, malicious cyberbully.

What’s astounding is I was a customer at Empire Avenue and simply thought that Empire Avenue admins would be shocked and appalled and get rid of Gareth.

Not so!

They lied and refused to stop his reign of terror.

So I just moved up the totem pole, and started reporting to Twitter itself (and other social media platforms).

And when Twitter proved nonresponsive I went to the SF DA’s office and CA DOJ.

And lo and behold, the DOJ opened an inquiry and the SF DA’s office twice opened files.

And now Gareth is pretty quiet.  That’s a good boy, Gareth.  :0

Ethel Newlin of the San Francisco DA’s office credited my blogging with helping change Twitter policy.


Yeah… I actually did report you.  And I told you I would.

Everybody but Twitter and Empire Avenue listened at first.  But then Twitter was non responsive…

So, I had to go higher…

Can’t have cyberbullies running about the place, bro.  Sorry.

WanderinPoet Reporting Cyberbullying 5312014



So, Gareth Davies spends years attacking someone over a dollar that the person asked for a refund for…

Now I agree it’s weird to ask for a refund for $1.00.

But it’s awfully strange to pursue another person for over a year across social media for that dollar that’s  not his.



Why would anyone give a business competitor a list of clients?

MQT A Bully Accusation


By the way I’d of known it was an empire avenue mission without Gareth tweeting it because of who RT’d and faved the tweet…

Gareth Davies EAV Mission


Love Boat


She sure does!


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