Fake Follows?

Fake followers undermine confidence in the digital economy.

Is this “social sales rock star” talking to real people?  Is the “social media rock star” reaching a real audience?

StatusPeople offers a way to check on the twitter accounts fake followers.

Status people has garnered press coverage and is frequently used by social media experts such as Gareth Davies to evaluate social media accounts.

If it’s good enough for Gareth, it’s good enough for me.

Both Keith Gill and Gareth Davies are leaders at EmpireKred, the gamified social media stock market simulation.

Buying followers is against Twitter’s Terms of Service.




Let’s look at Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith and see what we find!



Oh dear, not so good social media.





According to Chris Jones,

It’s easy to spot fake followers. And when you have paid for followers, it sends out a message that your are desperate, inauthentic and that you really don’t get the point of social media.

Why would anyone buy followers? Vanity? To make themselves look bigger and more engaged than the competition? To look like they have greater marketing reach than they actually do?


Chris recommends Twitercounter.com to check for recent spikes in followers.

First was an actor with a surprisingly large amount of followers. I first checked her/him out on Twitter Counter (http://twittercounter.com). Her/his chart shows a linear decline followed by linear growth. This is a sure footprint of some kind of ‘bot’ system. The real tell is that EVERY day was the same decrease in followers. Then she/he began growing again (as she/he paid for more followers). Again, the growth is exactly the same every day.

DigitalKeith 10112015


Keith Gill had 9,170 on October first, and 17,018 as of October 5.

That’s a 7848 gain in that short time.



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