How To Deal With Trolls That Comment On Your #WordPress Blog.

Bloggers know that pretty much every blog published, no matter how benign can bring in the trolls.

It even happens on my blog.

Here, well known spammer and buyer of twitter followers Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith takes time to check comment on my blog about World of Warships.



I have no idea what this fool is talking about, but he drops a link to his troll twitter account in my comments.

The question is why is DigitalKeith not only a troll, but a liar?


  1.  I’m not anonymous.
  2. DigitalKeith was moderated by Instagram for cyberbullying.


Obviously you are supposed to report cyberbullying.

But Keith doesn’t like being reported I guess.

WordPress allows comments and doesn’t ban trolls except in very, very limited cases.

WordPress has a very strong commitment to Free Speech.

Their official policy is that you are free to blog about what is occuring.


So I am.  Here’s your blog, Keith.

Keep trolling, keep getting a blog about your trolling!

Viva la Free Speech!




You can of course blacklist them by IP.

Of course dedicated trolls like Opinionated Man maintain multiple IP’s so you might find yourself blacklisting a large selection of IP’s from him if he chooses to troll.

As Opinionated Man learned, I blog about trolls, liars and bullies that I encounter on social media.




I think OM has learned his lesson now.  It took a while for it to sink in for him.

He and Keith Gill fit that description.

Opinionated Man is @smokendust on Twitter.





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