Viva La Free Speech! EmpireKred #Leadership Chris Sandys Concept of #CustServ Is Lacking.

Thanks to the California state and local governments.

Don’t like being written about and you’re a leader at Empire Avenue?

Take it up with Chris Sandys and his overactive imagination.

Inventing falsehoods because they want an astonishing record of abuse of their own customers “off the record” is pathetic.

Why not just not allow Gareth Davies (@me_gareth) to attack customers?


Chris Sandys

Not a principal, not an agent, tells me they say to sue.  That only leaves “goon squad” doesn’t it?  Obviously he’s not a disinterested party as a leader of Empire Avenue.

Over 5 posts on my blogs I documented issues with Empire Avenue, from their rogue volunteers, running a “wall of shame” on Brands, attacking Brands reputations online, not answering complaints, having a “goon squad” of endorsed volunteers attacking customers who complained, refusing to discipline internally thereby encouraging more attacks on Brands, etc. What I witnessed was the worst travesty in the annals of customer service I have ever seen. After a month of private discussions with EA to change things, I went public. Only then did they begin to change, but the attacks on me and others grew by their “goon squad.”

Chris Sandys is anathema to any concept of customer service.

Chris is the one that wanted law enforcement action, not I.

I however was victimized by Gareth Davies to the point I reported it, and the CA DoJ finally took it up.

The San Francisco DA’s office twice opened files due to their abuse.

12302914 letter DOJ redacted 653014 Letter DOJ REdactedEthel Newlin 1162014

Ethel Newlin 1122015

Why sue someone that wants to be sued?

Tis far better to warn consumers what Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) is and does to it’s own customers.

(I’m only out $100.00 basically.)

Who in their right mind announces their intent to bully their own customer?

Keep on blogging!


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