Who Is Team Leader #NanceLarson of #EmpireKred #Leadership?

Besides being a laugh a minute and a person that doxes her own customers and overlooks and participates in massive abuse of customers, it appears she’s into investing into porn.

I’m sure Nance knows that sex sells.  She can’t sell any, but she can buy it.

It took several days for administrators to take down this account, but not before Nance took a big bite of the pie!

Nance Larson Porn


Leave It To.... Beaver


What is Nance doing with the prizes and money?

Nance Hands out prizes What is nance doing with the money


Nance recommends that leaders only post once a day.  I think that’s because she’s slow to process information.

Nance Larson One Post A Day

Why oh why does this happen?

Because that’s they way “they” want it!

Nance Larson Wants it her way


Whoever paid for control of marketing and other departments to be labeled a “volunteer” anyway?

This is one crazy organization.  No wonder it flatlined!

Nance Larson Scoring Flatline


Why have all of Team Leader Nance Larson’s support tickets been deleted?

Nance Larson Support Tickets Deleted


It’s enough to make anyone wonder!

Nance Larson Things Change


Maybe things have changed for Nance?  Does she even know if she’s still a Team Leader?

Nance Larson Confirms Team Leader


Kred has been slow with information since the takeover.

What have they done with the  leaders?  How were they protected (or not) during the sale from whomever to Kred?

We wish all Nance all the best with her headaches.


If whomever she contacted runs their business like Nance helped run Empire Avenue, it’s a straightline to a flatline.

Badum Tish.


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