Does The “Popular” Twitter Account Buy Retweets? A Sneaky Way To Tell.

Favstar tracks users top tweets.

It’s also a convenient service to network with people you like as you can interact with their users on twitter from inside Favstar.

However it has other uses.

See a lot of eggs?  And a lot of unidentified accounts?

On an otherwise hugely uncharacteristic amount of retweets on a tweet?

That person probably bought retweets.

According to socialbro, the number one tip to spot fake accounts is,

1. They likely haven’t personalized their profile.

Though fake Twitter followers are getting smarter these days, they tend to stick with the good old default Twitter egg as their avatar. This is one of the first signs of a fake Twitter follower. If you spot an egg lurking amongst your followers, take a look of their profile. No cover photo either? No information in their bio, location, or URL? Looks like there’s a fake amongst your brood.


So let’s look at one account that inextricably has a large number of retweets on it’s profile for tops, but otherwise doesn’t perform much better than myself, who has never paid for a retweet.

According to the App, I’m 98.42 percentile worldwide.




And the unnamed account, (we will call him Dik) is:



Let’s see how Dik looks on Favstar.

Lot’s of eggs, and Favstar can’t identify those accounts.



Buying fake engagements on Twitter is prohibited.

Yet we know it occurs in the social media marketing scene, at least on the bottom of the barrel.

For instance, Keith Gill, aka Digital Keith is known to buy tweets on Fiverr, and mostly likely bought followers.


DigitalKeith Buys Fiverr Tweets


According to Social Times, buying retweets and followers doesn’t work.

Everyone can tell you are a fraud.  It’s only the noobs that are fooled.

Want to know who this is so you can check yourself?  DM me.



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