The Continuing Adventures of #DigitallyProbedKeith. False #Advertising

Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith (alleged social sales rock star), was very upset when the truth of his false content being run through Empire Avenue social media promotion “missions” system was bein told.

So mad that he threatened to leave Empire Avenue if this horrible telling of the truth about his false advertising wasn’t stopped.

This of course was during a time of economic hardship for Empire Avenue, during which the “Leaders” program was devised and sold.

According to Brand Manager/Admin Lynn O’Connell:

Lynn OConnell equity


Being fully aware that Empire Avenue was about integrity in missions, or so I thought, I thought they’d be very concerned that Keith Gill was promoting false content through their social media platform.

@kloutsupport had previously confirmed the falsehood of Mr. Gill’s content.


Admin Robby Ball had told me earlier that Empire Avenue was trying to remain viable and needed integrity.

I cannot see how false content is somehow “integrity” in advertising.




Having purchased the Leaders package myself, I was very concerned as we (the leaders) had bought control of the marketing and other departments.

Thus I reported his false content, and ran mission to warn as many empire avenue leaders and players as possible of the false content being run through Empire Avenue.

The running of missions was the recommended procedure according to the Leaders forum rules.

Leaders Rules

Leaders Rules (2)  Steven L. Johnson Brand Manager Admin



My A mission seems to have been manually downgraded to an “F” and I received an email  warning about mission abuse.

Imagine that.  A social media company is allergic to truth.  And knowingly allowed false advertising to be promoted through their system.

Keith Gill Abuse Email Mission Downgraded to F


Keith of course later posted, thanking the Empire Avenue admins and whomever allowed him to continue to run his false advertising.

(Boy, those faces look familiar.)

Keith Gill Thanks


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