Telling The Truth About Cyberbullies Is Necessary. #cybersecurity #Socialmedia

When you call law enforcement about cyberbullies one thing they might tell you is that, “the internet is not a friendly place.”

And it’s often not a friendly place due to companies being given immunity under the Communications Decency Act of ’96.

So, when I was being cyberbullied by Jason Cushman, AKA Opinionated Man on WordPress and Twitter, I reported him to both parties.

Twitter told me the threats resided on third party servers, ie WordPress servers, and WordPress support and forum admins told me I was free to blog about it, but not to mention it in the forums.



Of course, bringing it to the forums shines a bright spotlight on it in the general community, and WordPress doesn’t want that.



They’d also prefer apparently to have a vicious predator free to bully their customers.

How does Opinionated Man (did…) bully?

Contact With keith Gill

By threats, bullying and coercion on Twitter and WordPress.




This was a matter other social media and journalists were interested.

Where is Amelia Ceja?  Well, she was with Wine editor, Lili Coffin.

Why Opinionated Man took it upon himself to try to bully me out of writing about The Wine Wankers and their contested list, I will never know.

Other than he’s a self medicating man that beats his wife in his sleep.

He clearly has issues, and WordPress ignores him when they allow him to act predatorially against other customers.

Capture (1)


He TRIED to control what I could blog about.

And has a history of attacking other bloggers.



And he through constant vigilance and accurate reporting has now been convinced that he is powerless to stop truth being blogged or tweeted or otherwise disseminated.

Sorry Jason, but you did it to yourself.

Silence about cyberbullies who proliferate only allows them to continue their cyberbullying.

Dear Jason, my doubles tennis partners mom and grandma escaped from Korea during the war.  My friends grandpa was executed by communists for being an educator.

You learned nothing about truth, honesty, decency and being American by being adopted and brought here to be safe.

Perhaps you should consider returning, so you don’t attack people who actually tell you the truth as you consciously decide to engage in cyberbullying?

Your problems are of your own making, I assure you.

You act crazy…  And apparently expect others to put up with your crazy.



If anyone tells me you are bullying them I will blog about it to spotlight who and what you are.

And you will wither under the spotlight, again.

Remember that.



Mr. Chapman’s activities on Twitter were part of the San Francisco DA’s office and CA DoJ opening inquiries into Twitter.

CA DoJ 12302014

Ethel Newlin 1122015 Ethel Newlin 11062014


The SF DA’s office declined to mediate with WordPress regarding Opinionated Man’s bullying on this site.





8 thoughts on “Telling The Truth About Cyberbullies Is Necessary. #cybersecurity #Socialmedia

    1. Talking directly to Jason proved fruitless. WordPress just told me to write about it, and otherwise expects me to obtain a court order, which they will honor.

      They refuse to provide a safe blogging platform free from such predators.


      1. Now Im just letting others know, because you can’t block him here on WordPress because he uses multiple IP’s even if you blacklist him. He just won’t stay away, and tries to bully people from writing about things not related to him at all.

        He also self medicates and has a history of beating his wife in his sleep. So you can see the obvious cause for concern when such a person is being threatening.


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