Why Did The #WineWankers Consort With Noted #WordPress #Cyberbully, #OpinionatedMan? #Wine

Have you been bullied on WordPress (or elsewhere) by Opinionated Man (@smokendust)?

If so, a contact form is provided below.

Opinionated Man has a history of targeting bloggers, and bragging about it.



Astonishingly, Opinionated Man thought he could bully a blogger out of writing about The Wine Wankers and their disputed wine list.

The list itself, drew media attention and controversy.


Yet Opinionated Man thought he could stop a WordPress blogger, by bullying him, from writing about that contested list.



Far from trying to stop the bullying, Conrad of The Wine Wankers actively participated in the bullying, commenting on the blogs written by Opinionated Man.



Be aware if you follow the Wine Wankers that they are not opposed to cyberbullies harassing and threatening people if they don’t like your critique of their list or whatever you may have written.





@Trollhunterbob was suspended by Twitter for abusive behavior.

Trollhunterbob suspended


Amazingly enough WordPress’ response, rather than moderate abusive people such as Opinionated Man, is that you blog about it.

Opinionated Man has finally changed his tune.

Have you been bullied by Opinionated Man on WordPress?

Send in an email with links and documentation.

I’m happy to blog about it.

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