Should English Businessman and #EmpireKred Leader Gareth Davies Be On The “No Fly List”?

Gareth Davies (@me_gareth) is a leader at EmpireKred and has a history of doxing and threatening customers of Empire Avenue (since bought by Kred and name changed to EmpireKred).

Sadly this is a serious question.

Gareth was suspended by Twitter for tweeting my private information (I’m a customer of Empire Avenue’s, this is a grievous invasion of my privacy) and violent threats.

He was warned additionally for violent threats.

For now I have tweeted to relevant agencies, but have not proceeded further.

Isn’t the government’s primary mission to protect citizens?

Suspension Gareth Davies Violent Threats Suspension Gareth Davies Tweeting Private Information Warning Gareth davies Violent Threats




No Fly

Gareth Retweets cyberbullying blog



Stop looking….  Stop tweeting customers private data…

I’m not even certain which tweet Twitter moderated when they suspended Gareth Davies for tweeting the information.

I just know I reported a rather large number of invasive and bullying tweets.

I cannot be sure what he’s deleted (if any) versus what Twitter deleted.

This might be it though…

Tweets Neighborhood


And others exposing various bits and pieces of my personal identity including partial street address, zip code, etc.

Before being threatened by Gareth Davies and Chris Sandys, the only people who had threatened me were people that filed false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claims or had late temporary total disability checks.

I never imagined i’d be threatened and doxed by a leader of a company I was a customer of.

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