Empire Avenue Forums Greatest Hits, Kevin Green Sings! #socialmedia #eav #humor

About 4 months after stepping down as a Brand Manager/Admin at Empire Avenue, Kevin Green (@mysodotcom) began putting on musicals in the Empire Avenue forums.

This occured in September, 2014.

Why did Kevin Green step down?  Empire Avenue never released a statement as to why a Brand Manager/Admin suddenly and mysteriously stepped down.

Here, performing for the customers of Empire Avenue is Kevin Green!

Great show, Kevin!

A bit early for Christmas though.

Kevin Green Sings - Copy Kevin Green Sings 2 - Copy


Kevin Green Performs Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

WordPress blogger and Empire Avenue player MaryHelen Ferris (ironically named (eGR8LISTENER) celebrated selling a players stock before his death.

Way to go, MaryHelen!  Way to time that market!

Great Listener Sold Before Player Died


Team Leader Nance Larson continues attacking the person she’s been attacking in the forums for months.

Nance seems to think a Jewish calendar is wrong.  Antisemite maybe?

Nance Larson Jewish Calendar



Team Leader Nance Larson took the bull by the horns.

Bull By The Horns


How did that turn out?

Great job, Nance!

Alexa 10192014



Let’s run a gambling hall on Empire Avenue!  One of braintrust Chris Sandys ideas.

Chris Sandys Gambling


Earth to moonbeam, come in moonbeam.  This is America, not Chris SandysLand.

Chris Sandys Land




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