#EmpireKred Enquirer! Because Enquiring Minds Want to Know! #EaV

Look at all these rumors!

Mentions from the trolls on EmpireKred can boost your network game score.  Trolls aren’t all bad I guess.



Are SandyPants and a certain someone “rooting”?



Is Gareth “rooting” Michelle?

Gareth Rooting Michelle - Copy


Is Dups sipping cocktails now?  Giving or getting?

BJ - Copy


What’s with the silence that’s been noted by Team Leader Nance Larson and others?

Nance Larson Things Change



Is “rude” Nance’s middle name?



Which KG?  Take your pick, I guess.

Capture - Copy - Copy


Is “Harris” the Bonnie and Gareth the “Clyde”?

Gareth Davies has been suspended by Twitter for tweeting private information (of a customer of Empire Avenue’s) and violent threats.

Bonnie and Clyde - Copy - Copy


Kevin has a broken “bot”?



Keith Gill on a “witch hunt”?

On a gaming forum that’s open to the public for business?

Some serious paranoia in play?

Witch Hunt - Copy


Michelle Harris of Fairy Dust Media thinks it’s funny that Gareth Davies cannot be blocked on Twitter, which negates a key safety feature.

Gareth has used that ability to harass people on Twitter.

Sure Should Be - Copy





Have any hot EmpireKred tips?  Send them to Gareth or myself.


But I think mine will be funnier.


Contact form for tips!:



Jeff Lewis - Copy


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