Is #Kred Just Hoping No One Mentions They Paid To Run Empire Avenue As Leaders? #EaV #socialmedia

The elephant in the room for Jodee Rich and @Kred is how or even if the “Leaders” interests were protected at sale of Empire Avenue from whomever had equity to Kred.

According to Team Leader Nance Larson, “$100 is just a share of how many?”

Nance Larson Shares



This is of major interest as during a period of financial duress, admitted to by Brand Manager Admin Lynn O’Connell, Empire Avenue advertised and sold the package.

Lynn OConnell equity


Clearly the leaders have some form of intangible asset even if it’s not a traditional stock, bond or other asset.

How were Leaders interests represented and protected during the sale?

If at all?

When will Kred STOP being secretive and address these issues?

Nance Larson Things Change


Empire Avenue sold over 800 such leaders packages, even if Team Leader Nance Larson thinks that’s not worth much.

At least offer to refund the $100.00 to all purchasers if you wish to proceed forward in good faith, but unemcumbered by people that feel the product wasn’t delivered…

Nance Larson had her fun abusing customers and telling leaders to only post once a day in the EaV Elder’s forum set up after Empire Avenue restricted use of the Leaders forum.

It’s time that all that be addressed.

Nance Larson One Post A Day

Nance Larson Wants it her way


Volunteers don’t pay $100.00 to run things.  That’s called a transaction.  Not volunteering.

Steven Healey Vast Majority


Lynn O’Connell is the must abusive brand manager I know of.

Team Leader Nance larson is nearly equally abusive, participating in the doxing of her own customers and abuse of customers in the Empire Avenue forums.

Scotty Kicked Out Of EaV Elders


People that are empowered equally cannot kick others out of the forum they paid to belong to.  But Team Leader Larson could, and did.




And a question for Team Leader Nance Larson.

Did her startup funds ever come in?





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