Trolling The #socialsales “rock star” way #socialmedia #eav

It seems Keith Gill, AKA #Digitalkeith, leader at EmpireKred, and corporate marketing manager for @avisolve is up to his old trolling tricks again?

Keith’s lack of professionalism is shocking.

Having been told previously that Keith had purchased this tweet on fiverr, I’m just not surprised to see a flurry of them arriving in my mentions.

DigitalKeith Buys Fiverr Tweets


The tweet is the same, and links to his troll tweet, here.


It started when I received this tweet.

The typical sudden flurry of tweets, all the same.





I queried one of the accounts that tweeted..











It’s very strange to be trolled with personal attacks by a leader of a company that acknowledged me as a customer.

But this is the kind of guy Keith Gill is.

Unemployed, living with mom, creates drama….

The oldest troll attack on the internet.  Get some new material, Keith.

Why I oughta



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