Empire Avenue Had Programming “Backdoor” To Evade FTC Regulations #EaV #SocialMedia

According to Brand Manager/Admin Lynn O’Connell of Empire Avenue (@omdirect), mission grading would not have been introduced but for the FTC crackdown on on pay per click disclosures.

Lynn OConnell equity


However, Empire Avenue had a “backdoor” that allowed anyone with the knowledge to evade that grading procedure.

What was the “backdoor”?  62 characters used in the mission description.

You were not suppposed to be able to request specific actions be completed to suffice as a mission completion according to Empire Avenue missions rules, but this “backdoor” allowed those to be bypassed.

Here Empire Avenue Brand Manager/Admin Richard Townsend confirms the official policy.

Cant ask for rt's likes etc - Copy


WakeUpNow was able to promote a mission from Randy Garcia’s (another Empire Avenue leader) twitter timeline, with a specific action required to consider the mission completed.

Wakeupnow mission



Testing the code confirmed that empire avenue rules instituted to comply with FTC regulations could be bypassed.

Malthaus test 1


The mission was live, and had graded an A.

Malthaus test 2


The code was independently verified by other customers as well.

Backdoor Test Grade A


Programming Algorithm


The only question at this point is if the “backdoor” is still coded into the current mission system on EmpireKred as they purchased Empire Avenue and renamed it a few months ago.

So while customers wanted mission grading stopped, those in the know could bypass the mission grading system by use of the code.

Stop Mission Grading






And Team Leader Nance Larson and her responsibility to help ensure FTC regulations are followed?

Nance Larson Minds Own Business


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