Empire Avenue Valued Your Views…. Unless They Didn’t. #Custserv #socialmedia

According to Team Leader Steven Healey (@stevenhealey) Empire Avenue valued your views.

Unless they were critical.

In that case shut up.

Steven Healey Empire Avenue Values Your Views Steven Healey Say Nothing


Steven has this wisdom on “volunteers” which he posted in the Empire Avenue forums.

IE people that transacted to run things as Leaders, then were subjected to abuse by the likes of Nance Larson and the rest of the “goon squad.”

Steven Healey Vast Majority - Copy


As you can see, the business suddenly becomes the “community” depending on whether they need to exercise their ability to abuse you, or try to deny they have any authority at Empire Avenue, a la Team Leader Nance Larson.

Until EmpireKred cleans house, avoid this company.

I have no idea why Mr. Healey, as a Team Leader, wouldn’t be concerned with cyberbullying and doxing of Empire Avenue customers by Gareth Davies (@me_gareth).

I am truly astonished.



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