False Advertising By Empire Avenue Leader and “#SocialSales Rock Star”

When Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith, leader of Empire Avenue was running false advertising through Empire Avenue missions systems in contradiction to Empire Avenue’s own rules, Admins accused me of “mission abuse” for following their own rules and procedures.


Can you believe that a social media company, that should have been concerned with the truth of the matter, believes that bringing forth the truth is somehow abuse?

These are the people that have run Empire Avenue into the ground.

@kloutsupport confirmed that Keith Gill’s linked article contained incorrect information.

Yet Keith refused to acknowledge the simple fact his article was incorrect and continued to promote it through Empire Avenue’s social media advertising “missions” system.

Empire Avenue leaders, so sure of their own knowledge, contested Klout themselves over Klout’s algorithm.

The mission I created immediately trended (I had the top 3 trending missions at once), and was created by me to advise leaders, customers and all involved at Empire Avenue that Keith Gill’s article was untrue.

This is consistent with Empire Avenue’s stated policy.

Clearly false content that is being promoted is not a “personal attack.”

The lack of professionalism exhibited by Keith Gill, and the rest of the Empire Avenue admins concerned in this debacle is astounding.

There simply is no controversy when the Klout people confirm that Keith’s article about how to raise your klout score is incorrect.

It’s simply a falsehood.

I was told by Admin Robby Ball that Admins were seeking “integrity in the missions.”



Source:  https://www.facebook.com/messages/archived/robbyba

I have no idea how allowing falsehoods to be promoted is considered integrity.

The article was untimately edited to reflect the truth after I emailed Sales 4 Life, the host of the article.

The article continues to teach spamming celebrities, which can be a quick way to suspension.

I see no integrity in Keith Gill at all, I just see an abusive spammer, troll and cyberbully.

Your mileage may vary, I suppose.

Keith Gill Abuse Email Mission Downgraded to F Trending Missions Keith Gill

The FTC added the information about Empire Avenue to their data regarding questionable business practices.


The CA DoJ opened an inquiry into Twitter’s handling of the surrounding events and the San Franscisco DA’s office twice intervened.

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