Dups And “Prioritizing Communication” (Lack of #CustServ At Empire Avenue) #EaV #SocialMedia

This might explain “Team Leader” Nance Larsons frustration at having her support tickets deleted.

Many people had noted the drastic falloff in customer service and support tickets being answered at Empire Avenue over the course of last 18 months or so.

People wondered if they even had paid staff…

Dups, the founder, former CEO and then Director of Empire Avenue, explains his philosophy of answering emails, and missing customers emails.




Nance Larson Support Tickets Deleted

Nance Larson Things Change

Support Gone

Just wasn’t worth answering no more?


Paul Steinbruck Network Scores Dropping

Paul Steinbruck Network Scores dropping 2

Prioritizing Communication

Bad Customer Support

Fix Things

No More Money


Even with Kred purchasing Empire Avenue and changing the name to EmpireKred customer service and information is lacking.

Will Kred put resources into improving EmpireKred or will it simply muddle along as before?


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