The Postapocalyptic Adventures of SpongeBob SquareNance #EaV #Humor

This episode:

The newly promoted to Team Leader SquareNance throws paying customers out of areas of the restaurant they paid to belong to.

Management does nothing.

What was their crime?  Sharing!

Can you imagine a business kicking a person out for what they did off premises?  That’s what our hereo Sponebob SquareNance did.

A censoring, abusive nanny state Team Leader unilaterally removed a benefit from a paying customer.

The power went to her smallish head!


Anti-competitive abuse.

Such atrocious customer service that the business fell into utter disrepair as a going business concern.



What has happened to the normally mild managed (cough) Spongebob SquareNance?

She has listened to the Power Mad Plankton SandyShorts and been consumed by avarice and greed.

Will the business be saved?

Alas, no.

The business has sold out…

And even Spongebob SquareNance can’t get decent customer service from the new owner.

Imagine that.







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