#EmpireKred Enquirer! (2) Because Enquiring Minds Want to Know! #EaV #Humor #socialmedia

Thanks for all the EmpireKred hot tips.  Keep them coming.

Remember, this is all the salacious news fit for the National Enquirer!


Does Sandies use a bot?  Allegedly Empire Avenue suspended when people used bots.

Bot use - Copy


Well, I already knew that.  But thanks.

Chris Sandys Dups Friends - Copy


Why do 2 leaders allegedly rule EA with an iron hand?


Chris Sandys Gareth Iron Hand - Copy


Is Chris Kevin’s love child?  Seems doubtful.

Love Child - Copy


Is “That Nance” crazy?


Is Nance Crazy - Copy


Does “Nance” have any people skills?


Nance Zero People Skills - Copy


Is “Nance” receiving help with copy and paste function?


Nance Copy and Paste - Copy


Why is there no support at EA and why was “Nance” flipping out again?

Nance Flipping Out - Copy


Newbies received no answer for 5 days in the forums.  No wonder they have player retention problems.

Player Retention - Copy


Is Keith Gill “cute and hateful”?


Keith Gill Passive Aggressive - Copy




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