Hobby Ideas for A Leader of #EmpireKred #eav #humor

Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith, leader of EmpireKred  was kind enough to pop by the ol’ blog and suggest I take up a new hobby.

“You need a new hobby”

Having no idea who Keith Gill really is, or if he is a real person or anything but a person moderated for cyberbullying, spammer and troll I’d like to return the favor and suggest some hobbies for DigitalKeith.

First and foremost would be fact checking before he runs any more demonstrably false advertising.

That’s kind of important where the FTC is concerned, I think.

I digress.

Keith could form the Arizona chapter of the Ladies of Perpetual Indulgence.



Keith could take up high speed deep canyon cave spelunking.

A daredevil sport if there ever was one.



Keith can consider celebrity impersonations.



Become a gimp.

Sitting On Face


Become a “Key Grip” in a San Fernando Valley movie studio.



Bring back Super Dave Osborne!

Super Dave


Set the record for pole sitting in Flagstaff.



Preemptively raise a fund to “Help Michael Q. Todd out of prison!” “next time.”



Become a Spandau Ballet groupie and renounce his “punk pit” ways.



Become a Greeter for the Parks Services.



Thanks to Keith for his suggestion.  I hope he finds mine useful.




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