Empire Avenue, “Negative Growth Strategy”, Player Recruitment And Retention #EaV #EmpireKred

“Does Empire Avenue Have a Negative Growth Strategy?” wrote Paul Steinbrueck in August, 2013.

Understandably it’s difficult to recruit players to a game that has long been reported to have a “goon squad” attacking other customers, as reported by Chris Voss.

What type of credible business keeps people (in this case a leader) around that admit to going on a “rampage”?

Gareth Davies Rampage


Quite frankly I’m still astonished Empire Avenue allowed Keith Gill (AKA DigitalKeith) to run his false content through Empire Avenue’s social media promotion “missions” system.

It was a bit Orwellian watching the Empire Avenue forums over the last 18 months as people talked about the difficulty of recruiting and retaining new users, even as the open attacks on players both on the Empire Avenue forums and elsewhere intensified.

Empire Avenue Leader Michael Q. Todd noted less than 300 active players in late 2014, down from the 1000 to 2000 noted by Paul Steinbrueck in 11/2013.

MQT Player Retention - Copy


Empire Avenue Brand Manager/Admin who herself has  attacked players openly mused about the difficulty of signing up new players.

Lynn OConnell Needs New Players

Lynn OConnell Right Person


It’s astonishing that Empire Avenue did not control the “goon squad” but for whatever reason their attacks continued, principally on Twitter, until the CA DoJ opened an inquiry into Twitter’s behavior in all of this.

This has stopped most of the attacks, though Keith Gill still tries to troll on occasion on Twitter, and come here to this blog to tell me to take up a new hobby.


Attracting New Players

Coddle new players


What kind of business keeps a person around that is known to “rampage” and has been suspended by Twitter for tweeting private information, and violent threats?

Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred).  Gareth Davies remains a leader at EmpireKred.

WordPress Blogger and social media practitioner Paul Steinbrueck, (e)PDStein, runs the Empire Avenue Tips blog here on WordPress.

Paul published Omar Habayeb’s initial going away diatribe, along with the related conundrum of buying, selling and transferring Empire Avenue accounts.



According to Yoriko Todd Omar was booted from Empire Avenue for selling eaves.



Source:  https://www.facebook.com/messages/archived/yorikotodd


Only to be welcomed back after the Leaders package went on sale.

This was one of the many ethical questions raised during the rapid decline in active players which was not resolved to everyones satisfaction.

Players have noted the decline in ethics in the Empire Avenue forums, amongst other glaring issues such as threats and intimidation of customers.

Daniel Angered - Copy

Daniel pissed - Copy

Daniel Fun - Copy

Mistreatment of Empire Avenue customers - Copy


Paul lso speculated about Empire Avenue having   a negative growth strategy.




Will Kred get rid of the “goon squad” and clean up the Avenue?

Or will they continue to “rampage” and attack whomever they wish for whatever reason?

Gareth Davies has attacked people and business pages for as little as one email and one tweet.

Why is he tolerated at EmpireKred?

Gareth Attacks Michael Q Todd


Personally I think that a person that doxes customers and threatens them (Gareth Davies) is bad for the website…

Twitter Suspension Gareth Davies Tweeting Private Information Twitter Warning Gareth davies Violent Threats Twittter Suspension Gareth Davies Violent Threats




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