What Can Set #EmpireKred Leader Gareth Davies On A “Rampage”? #socialmedia

Empire Avenue leader Gareth Davies (@me_gareth) has posted in the Empire Avenue forums that he’s hard to stop when on a “rampage”.

Personally I doubt Twitter’s commitment to safety and privacy when such predators as Gareth Davies are allowed on Twitter.


Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) is a lost cause, having had a “goon squad” reported on for years.

Gareth seems to be the “Chief Goon.”

Keith Gill Thanks - Copy


The abuse and intimidation inside Empire Avenue is well known to customers and even spoken about.

Daniel Imbellino Notes Threats - Copy


Their willingness and ability to export it to Twitter is extremely astonishing.

It took months (and the CA DoJ and SF DA’s office) to finally get the abuse stopped, even as I was censored repeatedly for telling the truth about Empire Avenue’s abuse.

Keith Gill (AKA DigitalKeith, also a leader at EmpireKred) still tries to intimidate me out of blogging about consumer affairs and spreads misinformation on Twitter.


Syndicate Order Goofy


Somehow Keith Gill thinks a tweet from an account suspended for non violent threats and warned for violent threats is a credible account.

An account that tweeted that it was illuminati and other strangeness.  LoL.

Syndicate Order suspension non violent threats Syndicate Order Violent Threats Warning


When people talk about Twitter censoring, it’s very, very real.

Team Leader Nance Larson took to Twitter to lie about Gareth Davie’s association with Empire Avenue.

“Leaders” paid to run the marketing and other departments.

Gareth Davies is a leader.

Nance Larson Gareth Davies Not A Principal


So what can set Gareth Davies on a “rampage”?

Spamming…  (By Empire Avenue Team Leader Nance Larson)

Nance Larson Shorty Awards


A tweet….

Emilyjsavage boring spammer


Doxes customers of Empire Avenue’s…



Gareth Davies Threatens EAV Customer MDASHF


MDASHF pissed off wrong guy



Gareth Davies Doxes Besser


Putting a link in a greeting to Gareth on his Empire Avenue profile?

What comes third?  Doxing?  Violent threats?



Capture Capture2



Asking for a refund from a service provider.


IAMCHRISLAND mission created


MQT A Bully Accusation


No telling what the actual cause of his hatred is.  But he carries on his vendetta for years.

Gareth Davies Mocking MQT about Haters


Not refunding a “jail fund” that friends voluntarily created…

Jail Fund


Selling a “book” online?

Trolling MQT


It would seem a legitimate question….


1 email from a new contact at Linked.in.

Here he recommends Fairy Dust Media, whom he does work for, without revealing that association.

The account he recommended is also a Leader at Empire Avenue.

Fairy Dust Media Leader at Empire Avenue

1 email leads to attack




A tweet…


Sharing content he doesn’t like.

Attacks Lucie31666264



This child is a customer of Empire Avenue’s.

Yet Gareth has no problem scaring him and making false allegations.


Gareth Davies scares child




Tweets intent to bully a customer of Empire Avenue’s.

Empire Avenue does nothing to stop him.

Gareth Davies Empire Avenue Leadership Announces Intent to Bully Customer 962014 - Copy


Admits to trolling his a customer of Empire Avenue’s.

Gareth Davies Troll


Asking Gareth Not to tweet you anymore.


Telling consumers what Gareth Davies is and does to Empire Avenue customers is perfectly valid content…

Little Man Making Noise


Gareth Davies brags about not being able to be blocked on Twitter, thus negating a key safety feature of Twitter’s.

Empire Avenue brand manager/admin Steven L. Johnson was mentioned in this tweet.


Cannot Be Blocked


In my case it took the CA DoJ and San Francisco DA’s office to end the “rampage” of Gareth Davies on Twitter.

Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) has not held Gareth (or anyone) accountable for the actions.

Gareth has been suspended by Twitter for tweeting my (a customer of Empire Avenue’s) private information and violent threats.

He was warned yet again for violent threats.

He remains a “Leader” at Empire Avenue.

According to Newsweek, online trolls and cyber mobs have ruined the internet.

Strangely most of Gareth Davies abuse takes place openly on Twitter.

Avoid EmpireKred until they control their abusive leaders, and block and mute them on twitter if you encounter them.

Gareth’s reputation is well known…





653014 Letter DOJ REdacted 12302914 letter DOJ redacted Ethel Newlin 1122015 Ethel Newlin 11062014


Gaerth Davies



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