Whatever Happened to EAV Tips? Ben and Dups “Special Sort of Deal”? #EaV #SocialMedia

Paul Houston (@podcast101) ran the an early application addon tool for Empire Avenue known as Empire Avenue #EaV tips.

The tool made buying and selling easier on Empire Avenue, and collected other data from the API and presented it in a graphical fashion.

After Empire Avenue announced a partnership with Avenue.io on August 1, 2013, Paul noted that Empire Avenue was now “in bed” with Ben.




Who is “Ben”?

Ben is Ben Arledge of Edmonton, Canada.  (e)Ben on Empire Avenue.



Other customers didn’t find Ben’s site, now available through Empire Avenue that useful.



Paul’s site included some data, such as new users over 4 years that apparently was depressing to Gareth Davies.


Paul had issues with the amount of API calls he was allowed (150) as compared to Bens 1000.


At one point, as so often happens on Twitter, Paul was suspended for what seemed to him inexplicable reasons.

Nance was kind enough to welcome him back online once his suspension was lifted.


How cozy were Ben and Dups?


In Bed


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