Another Meaningless Demand From A Leader of #EmpireKred

Keith Gill, AKA DigitalKeith, whose a leader at a company I’m an acknowledged customer of, Empire Avenue,  has taken to issuing strange demands.

Keith Gill is an astonishing failure as a leader as he’s seemingly ok with doxing and threatening customers of Empire Avenue’s.


Keith!  Protect me, a customer, from Gareth who intends to and has bullied me!


Keith!  Read the tweet!  Protect me from this person who has been running customers off for a number of years!

Do something you utter failure of leadership!

By the way, he doxed me back in June 2014 or so!

Why do you not care, Keith?  Why?

I also find that Keith Gill doesn’t have standing to demand that I not mention him and his association with EmpireKred as this leader has denied he has anything to do with EmpireKred and abuse by leader Gareth Davies.

Since I only know of Keith Gill through his and my association with Empire Avenue, his actions as a leader of Empire Avenue are worth talking about by myself.

Why does this freak tweet his demands?  And only tweet them?

This blog goes out to all my social media.  I have tons of G+ followers.

Why is he so fixated on Twitter?

Very strange.



Telling people what Keith Gill does isn’t communicating with him.

That’s warning others about his abuse, etc.

I digress.

I reserve the right to tweet him on occasion, and have made this plainly known to Twitter as I have questions that are still open ended.

Such as:

  1.  Why was he allowed to run false advertising through Empire Avenue social media “missions” promotions system?
  2. Why did he just not accept @kloutsupport’s response when he didn’t accept that my explanation of the klout score was correct and I asked klout themselves?
  3. Why is he such a giant asshole?
  4. Why does he bully people online?
  5. Why does he think he can demand people not even reply to him if he tweets them?
  6. Why is he not concerned with an astonishing record of attacks on other customers by Gareth Davies and others at Empire Avenue?

I may think of more.  Depends on what this moron writes in the future I guess.

Or what I find in his timeline as I do deeper reviews as I study if he’s been attacking other customers or celebrities on Twitter.

Since Keith Gill is a leader in EmpireKred, a company involved in social media, and exhibit some of the worst traits in social media, ie bullying, trolling, spamming, buying followers and using auto responder “tools” I find Keith Gill is a best case exhibit for a worst case “social sales rock star” example.

Since Keith Gill has achieved notoriety as a “social sales” rockstar and made it into Forbes, in addition to being a leader at a company with a tremendous record of abusing its own customers, I find Keith Gill imminently worth writing about.

That Keith Gill partook in that abuse of customers also makes him worthy of writing about.


In short, I can simply read his timeline to see what is wrong with the social media marketing world and have a plethora of subjects to choose from.

Now Keith, who finds himself inextricably linked to a woman as her “support group” as she tried to have me ordered not to blog about Empire Avenue, finds that he doesn’t like being mentioned for all that has happened.

Why would Keith Gill be a “support group” for a woman in hiding from workers’ compensation investigators?

Who in their right mind hinds form workers’ compensation investigators?
Normally only people who aren’t injured or or overstating their injury hide from surveillance investigators.

Why would he be a “support group” member, along with the other leaders of Empire Avenue, who not coincidentally also have doxed and attacked me, for a woman who false claimed a Victoria’s Secret original to attack me online to teach me a lesson because she doesn’t condone bad behavior?

Why, I was suspended based upon whatever bullshit Keith Gill dreamt up on or around 1/8/2015.

It took the San Francisco DA’s intervention with Twitter to get that resolved.

In addition the abuse by the “goon squad” was so severe that the CA DoJ opened an inquiry into Twitter’s behavior.

Of course Keith Gill doesn’t want to be associated with that.  Who would?

But it’s what has happened, and consumers have a right to know what abusive people lurk at EmpireKred, ready to attack for whatever contrived reason Gareth Davies or others dream up.

I think that someone needs to be reminded what free speech and commentary, news and satire is.

Me, customer.

Keith Gill abusive leader at Empire Avenue.

Keith Gill false advertiser and frequently mentioned in tweets that seem to promote violence against my person.


Keith Gill, spammer, troll, moderated by instagram for cyberbullying and had his twitter account locked.

Why would I ever stop talking bout Empire Avenue and their abusive leaders?

Unless EmpireKred cleans up and they become not worth writing about?

That doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen…

Let me help you with what you can do with your “demand.”


PS:  Don’t try to be intimidating on my blog anymore, loser.

Mooning Gnome



So much for consumer advocacy


Still warning consumers to watch out for EmpireKred and their abusive leaders such as Keith Gill, AKA Digitalkeith.


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