Abusive EmpireKred TeamLeader #NanceLarson and the (EaV)Elders Forum. #EaV #SocialMedia

EmpireKred Team Leader Nance Larson @nancelarson has a strange affinity for lying.

We continue to recommend avoiding EmpireKred until they clean up their leadership.

After all,


Nance lies about the formation of the (eav)Elders forum which was announced in the Leaders forum with the rules of No personal attacks.

Empire Avenue (EaV Elders) Forum - Copy


Until Michael Q. Todd was attacked by Nance Larson, and rather than enforce the rules, EA Brand Manager/Admins Richard Townsend and Lynn O’Connell rewrote the rules on the spot.

Nance Larson Wants it her way - Copy


Richard Townsend rewarites rules for eav elders

Lynn OConnell Rewrites rules


Nance thinks it’s funny to suggest that people that paid $100.00 to run things be able to only post once a day.

This is funny considering Gareth Davies has nominated her for a Shorty award for #spam.

Nance Larson One Post A Day - Copy





There are barely any customers left at EmpireKred.

And barely any signups…

And this is because of the way Team Leader Nance Larson and the other empowered people abuse people.

No one wants those missions.

It’s as if they drove the business over a cliff and purposely drove their customers away.

Avoid EmpireKred.

No one wants Nances mission - Copy

Nance Larson Shares - Copy


People did not pay $100.00 to have shares of something that allowed Nance Larson to abuse them after she suddenly took over by removing from the forum they were suddenly told to post in.

Bull By The Horns - Copy

Scotty Kicked Out Of EaV Elders - Copy


And Admin Robby Ball stated there are inpowered people.  Clearly.

Robby Ball Admin







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