Suggested Reading For A Noted Scholar #eav #socialmedia

Gareth Davies (@me_gareth), noted scholar and leader of @empirekred seems a bit confused about what “hate and abuse” is.

I’d like to help clarify that if I may and suggest a reading list for his daily dose of “hate and abuse” as it’s not here on this blog.


I’m not scared to answer haters, so here you go:

I hope this helps Gareth as I’m concerned he has a bit of a skewed point of view.

In fact, I’d rather recommend some comic books and young adult reading as I’m not sure of his reading comprehension.

However, I shall persevere and start off with the hate groups listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Just browse and find the appropriate subject matter that fits your desired dose of “hate and abuse” Gareth.

It’s not here, I assure you.

Or, just shake it off, Gareth…  It’s just free speech about a company and their leaders that I’m a customer of that abused me with violent threats and doxing.  (Hint” his name starts with a G.)





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