#EmpireKred #Leadership #GarethDavies Admits to Threatening Customer #EaV #socialmedia

“Rampage” Gareth Davies, (@me_gareth) has now admitted to threatening a customer of Empire Avenue’s (now EmpireKred.)

If you are a customer of EmpireKred’s you never know when this man will show up on a “rampage” and attack you for whatever contrived reason he decides.

A tweet, an email, who knows.

Keith Gill Thanks - Copy


Gareth has attacked customers for years, and has been suspended by Twitter for doxing and violent threats.

Here he admits to it.  Simple question, simple answer.


Threatening Customers


Obviously the purpose of continuing to blog about EmpireKred is partially due to Gareth’s continued presence in leadership.

How can a legitimate company keep a person in leadership that admits to attacking their own customers?

It is a shame, Team leader Nance Larson.

Why would Gareth Davies threaten customers?

Just doing consumer affairs blogging here.



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