“Al Gore” Finds #ManBearPig, (False #Advertising)

Surprisingly Manbearpig appears to be EmpireKred leader, Keith Gill, AKA Digitalkeith.

Keith is a prime example of why people don’t trust internet marketers and why you should avoid EmpireKred while he’s a leader there.

Keith is currently a corporate sales manager for @avisolve.

I still have NO Idea why Keith couldn’t acccept that his article on Sales 4 Life was wrong, even after @kloutsupport confirmed it.

Apparently Keith likes to abuse Empire Avenue customers with troll missions.

I was certainly surprised when he attacked me on my blog with insults, but then when he started creating missions to be abusive, it was just a bit much.

I was of course concerned about false content being promoted through Empire Avenue, but Keith apparently wanted at all costs to promote his false content. ¬†It’s truly sad.

Look at all the eavers who RT’d him even as he deleted his tweet from his abusive mission.




I didn’t invent controversy, I was concerned about his false advertising being run through Empire Avenue.

Empire Avenue admins failed to stop him despite direct reports as he continued to create missions.




Now why would Empire Avenue have let ManBearPig run false content through Empire Avenue missions in the first place?

What an astonishingly abusive leader of a company I’m an acknowledged customer of.


Keith Gill ManBearPig Empire Avenue Leadership Keith Gill ManBearPig

I don’t think Keith has the slightest clue about Klout, influencer networking or influencer marketing.

My experience with him is that he’s as obstinate as an old mule, smart as rocks and almost entirely abusive.

He’s just a total zero as a social media or social sales presence, to me.

Worthless, spammer, troll, false advertiser and moderated cyberbully (by instagram.)

And he apparently buys fake followers as well.

(The app is good enough for Gareth, it’s good enough for me.)



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