The Abandoned Bullying Leader of #EmpireKred Twists In The Wind… #EaV #socialmedia

Poor little Gareth Davies (@me_gareth).

Abandoned by Team Leader Nance Larson (@nancelarson).


Unclaimed by either Empire Avenue or EmpireKred.

On the outside looking in.

Can’t stop the news of his abuse being transmitted any longer.

What was it that was told to Gareth very, very early on?

Oh yes,

Keep raging ineffectually, Gareth.

Or rampaging, or whatever it is you do at EmpireKred.





6 ~ Smooth Ride

Keith Gill Thanks - Copy



Now the socialmedia world knows Gareth Davies is a cyberbully.

Suspended by Twitter for doxing his own customer and issuing violent threats.

And warned again for violent threats.

And now everyone will see him coming and the rest of the “goon squad” of EmpireKred coming.




Good for goose, good for gander.  😉


Putting It All Together


Just warning consumers about how you abuse people Gareth.  Informed free market.


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