Does #NanceLarson of #EmpireKred Staff Have Any #Business Sense or People Skills?

Now that Nance Larson has been promoted to EmpireKred Staff the inquiries into her business sense and management skills are picking up.

Customers noted she had no people skills.

Nance Zero People Skills - Copy

One customer apparently likes to steal her eaves!  How rude….

Nance Witch - Copy

One wondered if she could even copy and paste?

Copy and Paste - Copy


Others noted no business sense in the forums…


Business sense - Copy


And yet another noted that Nance seems a bit dictatorial.

Heil Nance - Copy


And as you can see, she seems to treat other leaders of Empire.Kred with disrespect, telling EmpireKred Leader and “social sales” rock star Keith Gill to mind his business.

Can you imagine someone so cruel that thinks someone else’s misfortune is good tidings?


New signups at EmpireKred are still extremely low and it doesn’t seem like Kred is putting any dollars into marketing or advertising.

EmpireKred still seems to limp along, reliant on Nance Larson and whomever else she can abuse for free labor.

I mean, when they rewrite the rules on the spot to allow Nance to personally attack another leader, somethings very strange in river city.

That’s our Nance, Staff at EmpireKred.

They sure can pick em.

Have any hot tips?  Submit here!

I sure hope EmpireKred considers this viable customer feedback.  These are actual customers of EmpireKred expressing these views.

Due to bullying of customers by Leader Gareth Davies I have to protect the anonymity of people.

No spam, spammers (That means you, Nance.)



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