#EmpireKred TeamLeader “Wants” A Leader?

Empirekred Team Leader Nance Larson appears to have a crush on Keith Gill, that dapper fellow!

She has tweeted “Crybaby” to Keith Gill, aka #Digitalkeith, leader of EmpireKred.

“You’ve got a woman waiting for you baby”?

Is Nance concerned about sexual harassment in the “work” place?

Has Nance seized the “bull” by the “horn”?

Bull By The Horns - Copy


I believe Keith is a married man, Nance!

Nance has a “task” for Keith!


Oh lamour



Or is she trolling Keith with a sly poke at him for being a crybaby?

If so, I agree!

Any leader of a gaming company that can’t stand a little fair critique and criticism is a crybaby and should try to improve his product.

Not try to not be spoken of.

It’s a soap opera at EmpireKred!

Stay tuned for updates.

This is the “Gareth Davies” approved approach to Social Media!


Open to criticism






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