What Is The Definition of “Staff”? Why Not Tell The Whole Truth #NanceLarson of #EmpireKred?

Why is Staff Nance Larson of EmpireKred seemingly NOT proud of her association with @empirekred?

Staff is such an obsequious word.

You’re the maid, you’re the staff.  Get me this, get me that.

It’s very strange when staff lies to you.

Why would staff lie?




Why would Staff Nance Larson of EmpireKred lie about her being staff?



Why would a staff member not take the opportunity to promote the game of EmpireKred?

After all, she’s a Team Leader (perhaps former, Kred is very slow with information), and paid for the Leader badge which was advertised as allowing players to run the game basically.

Empire Avenue leadership


When you log into EmpireKred you are greeted with some introductory missions.

And asked to join some communities.

One of which is the “Welcome Wagon” community.

Wherein this pop up greets you.

Welcome Wagon Run by Staff


Run by the Staff.

Join, and there’s Nance Larson listed as one of the Admins and Moderators.Welcome Wagon Nance Larson Admin Staff

Nance Larson Welcome Wagon Posted Community Guidelines


Proceed further down, and there’s Staff Nance Larson, gifted with the leaders badge and promoted to Team Leader indicating they are volunteers.

I think EmpireKred probably has it right, and Nance is wrong.

She’s Staff.

Just getting started


All support issues, Open Community


In the open discussion community there’s Nance telling you to post your support question in that thread.

Why does Nance Larson lie so darned much?

What kind of organization allows what seems to be a serial liar in their organization?

This is astonishingly poor leadership.

Questions Abound



What do you have to say for yourself, Staff Nance Larson?

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