Does #EmpireKred Staff #NanceLarson Mind Her #CustServ #Business? #EaV

EmpireKred inherited a business that according to Alan Gray, Publisher of NewsBlaze, provided the second worst customer service on the internet that he’s seen in 40 years.

Alan Blaze NewsBlaze Publisher - Copy

So what’s really going on under the hood at Empire.Kred?

Even after Kred made the purchase customers still describe the takeover by Kred as “Creepy” and continue to report seeing cyberbullying on the site.

What do customers have to say about the customer service in the forums themselves?

(This is a very infrequently used forum.  Attacks on customers and the reputation of having a “goon squad” almost certainly drove off anyone that might consider joining.  With less than 1000 active player, and some think less than 300, after 5 years.  It’s pretty well a failure if it was a business trying to be profitble.)

Attracting New Players - Copy Bad Customer Support - Copy Customer Thinks Greed is problem - Copy  Daniel Fun - Copy  Daniel Notes Ca Law - Copy Daniel pissed - Copy Dev Team Not Monitoring - Copy Fix Things - Copy Mistreatment of Empire Avenue customers - Copy    Nance Larson Support Tickets Deleted - Copy Nance Larson Things Change - Copy Support Gone - Copy


What do customers say privately?

Attack customers - Copy

Business sense - Copy

Is Empire Avenue Still Working - Copy

OmDirect make it work - Copy

Who got equity - Copy

Is Nance Crazy - Copy Player Retention - Copy



All signs point to no.  At this point even Nance Larson can’t get customer service and complains about it in the forums.



Nance just can’t help being a liar I guess.  I started blogging about Empire Avenue well before they went into financial duress, sold the leaders package and allowed Nance to abuse whomever she wanted in the forums.

Imagine, accusing someone of “mission abuse” because they are concerned about false advertisinng being promoted through Empire Avenue’s “missions” system.

It’s horrible she’s on Staff.

I don’t even know who this person Nance is talking about is.

I do know many are scared to speak up, because Nance and the other “goons” are abusive.

I think most of social media knows that Nance attacks people and stays away.


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